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Posted By: jmdornan
25-Jun-01 - 11:28 AM
Thread Name: Help: Wearing hats or caps ; Manners?
Subject: RE: Help: Wearing hats or caps ; Manners?
I think we fall into the category of Common Sense - which if it was trully common everyone would have it!

I think the worst I offense I saw of the HAts not coming off, was at a Memerioal day service. The crowd was suppose to say the PLedge of Alliegence and say a silent prayer for the past veterns. Most of the people didn't remove there hats, and more so didn't even say the PLegde. I was Horrified that such a Basic Custom in our country has fallen apart in such a manner. THis here was a respect situation, and was not adhearred to, so how can we expect basic manners? Parents are responsible for teaching there kids to be socially respectful, and we are not doing our jobs. I should not go to a restaurant with my kids, and have people amazed that they have good manners, it was a standard when I grew up, and I didn't anything without out using my manners. But I rant.... and am sorry for that :)

Just my opinion. Jill