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Posted By: Brendy
25-Jun-01 - 06:07 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: There's the Day (Cathal McConnell)
Subject: RE: 'There's the day' - Cathal McConnell
Indeed, Wolfgang. Nice one. I, too remember the tour; they having played in Rann na Féirste hall just before their departure.

It is also, perhaps, worthwhile to remind people that this album dates from 1978, and when one thinks back to their Slógadh victory in 1970, and the upset their music caused in traditional circles then, with a much shortened version of Níl sé 'na lá as the song which won that competition for them, it is refreshing (in a way) to see that Clannad (Clann as Domhair) can still cause controversy, and where their roots and their pedigree are called into question.

And they are called into question...usually by 'traditionalists' whose version of 'purity' is belting out a few tunes on instruments, that, at least in its modern form, are Italian or Persian, while having difficulty themselves in distinguishing a jig from a slip-jig.

God save us from the 'traditionalists'; they don't recognise a decent riff when it glides across their strings!

"Not quite that close, more like a few miles."

Ach, now, Phillippa. Have ye never walked down the Pipe? It's the quickest way to Leo Brennan's I know of.....mile at the most.

Tell you what, though. Next time I undertake that famous trek, I'll bring a wee wheelie thing with me, and I'll give the distance to you in metres and centimetres...or feet and inches, if you prefer.