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Posted By: Sandy Paton
12-Dec-98 - 08:11 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Roll to the River (Cindy Kallet)
Subject: Lyr Add: ROLL TO THE RIVER (Cindy Kallet)
Okay, gang:

Cindy says it's okay with her, so here's Roll to the River.

(Cindy Kallet)

     And it's roll to the rivers that once shaped these sands
     And it's roll to the river upon me.
     And it's fly to the waves that still pound these shores;
     And it's less than a mile to sea.

I climbed the high hills to search for the sea,
Took to the treetops in flight,
Saw water in valleys where blueberries once grew,
Watched red-tail hawks soaring out of sight.

I watched as the houses spread over the plains
And I prayed for the sea to crash in.
And the reasons they gave were so righteous and so grave;
Don't they know that in the end no one can win?

I roamed the Great Plains where the juniper grows
And I climbed the morainal north shore.
And I ran out to Wasque to catch the four tides,
And rose high on the bluffs to see more and more and more.

They call the land theirs; I call the land ours,
For those who can care to walk free.
How many houses can rise, how many roads can scrape through
Before we drive into the sea?

These times come by hard, there's no need to explain,
One look in your eyes and I know.
We've seen the hills green and we've watched the plains bare
And we've known the sands covered with snow.

So there it is.

Sandy (seeking redemption)