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Posted By: GUEST,willie-o
26-Jun-01 - 12:10 PM
Thread Name: What the 'F'! The sequel.
Subject: RE: What the 'F'! The sequel.
I shaved the side of my left forefinger with a utility knife and now I can play those demented chords like they was ment to be. When I get around to shaving the other ones (sometime when I don't have any gigs for two months) I'll be cooking like a real jazzman!

I'm with Mark on the movalbe 4-string Gmaj 7. One of the most useful inversions because.

  1. no open strings--play it anywhere on the neck.
  2. no-brainer funky jazzy progression just by moving down on the D string I semitone at a time, keeping all the other fingers where they were. Walks you from Maj 7 to a regular 7th to a maj6th to a minor 6th. (As in "Blues For Dixie")
  3. it makes you look more chord literate than you really are. If you're me.

      By the way 53, action is totally dependent on how the guitar is set up, not on the make of guitar (Taylor promo to the contrary). My Martin has action like butter, too low in the opinion of many. It is admittedly more difficult to tweak the action due to the non-adjustable truss rod.