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Posted By: Philippa
13-Dec-98 - 05:25 AM
Thread Name: Macaronachas / Macaronic Songs. Language mixing
Subject: continuation
Excuse me, I pressed the wrong keys; I wasn't finished with the story. I just want you to understand why I didn't take down much or the song below; I was reading the above book with Celtic Connections playing in the background on BBC Radio Scotland. I was thinking about this example of bird learning (as opposed to instinct)and about the ambiguity of the penultimate sentence, and so on when I noticed the use of Irish in Bing Crosby's song "A Little Bit of Irish". Not a true macaronic of the type you require, Annraoi, but maybe something a bit like "Lomir Alle Zingen a Zemerel" as Charlie Baum describes it. The chorus goes:"Céad mile fáilte/Sláinte to you/And the top of the morning too" and the one verse I noted had something about "It's great how they greet you in Ireland...Learn the words so you won't have to guess"

Wolfgang - I might be able to get you lyrics, but it won't be right away so I hope someone beats me to it Annraoi - yes, Mudcat is addictive and it's even bringing on a multiple personality disorder. Anyway I keep looking for messages from you! It's good that I will soon have a break from the web. Caoimhin knows all about my habits, but don't tell Iain and Mark. I've heard the Glasgow song a few times on Radio nan Gaedheal and live at sessions, but I haven't heard other Scottish Gaelic macaronics nor seen any published in books or in an Tocher. Your best bet would probably be the School of Scottish Studies archives - I've given you a start with the Ross references. You could also try Martainn Mac an t-Saoir, who is archivist for the new Dualchas project at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig.