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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
27-Jun-01 - 01:39 AM
Thread Name: Origin: (I'm) A Man You Don't Meet Every Day
Subject: RE: Help: (I'm a) A Man You Don't Meet Every Day
A canny guan man - a canny going man. Means he's canny - smart(arse); guan is just Geordie for going - meaning he's smart and easy going, something you don't get every day round here....

LTS - who once had a singing competition with Ian Bruce, with this very song, in the Middle Bar, Sidmouth. We were trying to see who could hold on to the bit 'when you're drinkiiiiiiiiiiiiiing with me' longest and loudest. I won. No mean feat if you've ever heard Ian sing. Oh, and I was doing it in harmony, almost an octave above him..... (head swells to point where it won't fit through door....)