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27-Jun-01 - 02:43 PM
Thread Name: Strawberry Roan - ( & Sheepherder version?)
Subject: RE: Strawberry Roan ^^^
A quick search for it yielded this--

Strawberry Roan (Traditional)
Written by Curley Fletcher in 1915

Let me tell you a tale, a good one I own
'Bout an old bucking bronc, a strawberry roan.
I was hanging 'round town, not earning a dime
Being out of a job, just spending my time,
When a stranger stepped up and said, I suppose,
You're a bronc-bustin' man, by the looks of your clothes.
So I said guess you're right, there's none I can't tame,
If it's tough ridin' ponies, that's my middle name.

Oh, that strawberry roan, oh, that strawberry roan,
He says he's a cayhoose that's never been rode,
The guy who gets on him is bound to be throwed,
Throwed off this strawberry roan.

Then I puts on the blinds, it sure was a fight,
Then my saddle comes next, I screws it down tight.
Then I piled on his back, and well I knew then
If I rode this old goat, I'd sure earn my ten.
For he bowed his old neck and leaped from the ground,
Twenty circles he made before he came down.
He's the worst bucking bronc I've seen on the range,
He could turn on a nickel and give you some change.

Oh, that strawberry roan, oh, that strawberry roan,
He jumped toward the east and came down toward the west,
To stay in his middle I'm doing my best
On that old strawberry roan.

And I'm tearing up sage, how this pony can step,
But I'm still sitting tight and earning a rep,
When my stirrips I lose and also my hat
And I starts pulling leather as blind as a bat.
And he makes one more leap, he's headed up high,
Leave me sittin' on air, way up in the sky.
Guess I turned over twice and fell back to earth
And I started to cursin' the day of his birth.

Oh, that strawberry roan, oh, that strawberry roan,
That sunfishin' critter's worth leavin' alone,
There's nary a buster from Texas to Nome
Could ride that strawberry roan,
Could ride that strawberry roan.