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27-Jun-01 - 04:41 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Smashing of the GLASGOW van
Tim, The Version I remember by Enoch Kent had the same chorus mentioned above with the names of the solicitors Mc Kay and Sandyman. The album was called Irish Rebel Songs and had a picture of a man standing beside a burned out car on the cover. The picture was taken the week following Easter 1916. Kent was the only singer on this album, I beleive he may have made similar albums as part of a group. As I am out here in Canada, close to Toronto and I know that he used to be in the Toronto region so maybe I can contact him some way. Unfortunately I left the album behind when I left Ireland back in the 60's, but I definitely remember learning this song from the album

The words below I do remember and are similar to the ones above, Unfortunately I can't recall them all, but I am almost certain that it was Duke Street ?. Maybe Duke street and High Street meet ?.

It was upon the 4th of May
In the year of twenty one
The news went round old Glasgow town
That a daring Deed was done
A band of Irish Rebels
To release an Irishman
Assembled down in Duke Street
For the smashing of the van

Here's to the boys that did it, every man who played a part that day
was Irish through and through,
defended by two counsellors
McKay and Sandyman,
the verdict was not guilty
for the smashing of the van.

Maybe the rest will come to me.