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Posted By: katlaughing
27-Jun-01 - 06:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Question for Old West history buffs
Subject: RE: BS: Question for Old West history buffs
Thanks, everyone!

I just finally got agold of dad and he said he didn't think it ever had a name, everyone just said they "came up the Arkansas" so he guesses "the Arkansas Trail" would be about right, though no one ever called it that.

Sorcha, I don't think the Overland went up in the mtns enough in CO to make Leadville; the Oregon Trail didn't go through CO and was an east-west trail, but thanks anyway, Dave.

Bev & Jerry, and Karen, I will check out the other links. Jim, Dad says they may have followed the Santa Fe a short while until it went south.

I guess I could just make Rog take a vacation, got to Leadville and follow the darn river down to Kansas!**BG** It would be fun to get some pix!

Thanks, very much. I will have to give a BIG kudo to my crack research team!