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Posted By: GUEST,UB Dan
28-Jun-01 - 09:37 AM
Thread Name: Origin: (I'm) A Man You Don't Meet Every Day
Subject: RE: Help: (I'm a) A Man You Don't Meet Every Day
Kendall post 1:
"the correct words are...I took out my gun WITH my dog I did shoot (HUNT) fuck it up if you must, but, you will get static. "

Kendall post 2:

"I dont really care which version is most authentic. I'm stating that shooting the dog makes no sense...It reminds me of Stan Friebergs "History of the US". George Washington ...says "Wait a minute, stars? I said Polka dots!! Stars with stripes? how does that work together, design wise?" IT DOESN'T!

Shooting the freekin' dog makes NO sense!! ""

UB Dan Post: Is it right vs. wrong or is it what makes since to you? You know we ended up with the flag with stars and bars [it might also be helpful to remember that Stan Frieberg's "History of the US" should not be confused with the history of the US]...and davidg gives a good clear definition of the 'sense' of the song. Notice that the Pogues version is slow and more haunting...the voice singing that song isn't partying and laughing. DavidG, sing it the way you want...I guess the worst that can happen is you'll be compared to the Pogues. I don't think that's such an awful fate at all.