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Posted By: DonMeixner
28-Jun-01 - 11:23 AM
Thread Name: Help: Mary Ellen Carter? What kind of boat?
Subject: RE: Help: Mary Ellen Carter? What kind of boat?
In 1978 I built a combination stern dragger and swordfisher for a fellow who planned to scallop his wayout to deep water and then set up pon the gulf stream and harpoon swordfish basking in the warm current. Not an uncommon practice I am told by the boats who fished out of Chatham, Mass. She was limited to 54' due to warf restrictions. She carried a D-10 Cat, Cort nozzle, Ford Lima generator and lister pump. I don't recall her range on fuel consuption but her Skip said the plain was to cruise for ten days on a circuit. When she left the yard she was fitted for a crew of seven, her booms were built and unrigged.

Our contract read Hull, Decks, and engines(Full controls, Loran C, and safety gear), painted and ready to rig. Our price in 1978 was $350,000. With probably another $150,000 in rigging to be done in Mass.

I always viewed Mary Ellen Carter as a 55-65' bluewater boat about 5-10 years old, already paid for and starting to cost the owners up keep. Non working owners and corporation sailors are a blight which along with foreign fishers and factory ships coming in from Europe just further weakening the North American fishing industry.