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28-Jun-01 - 03:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Question for Old West history buffs
Subject: RE: BS: Question for Old West history buffs
It's okay, phoaks, really. I think my dad is right, they just "went up the Arkansas." I think they may have cirsscrossed some of the others, but for the purpose of my book, I am just going to leave it at that and include a simple map, I think.

NOT, that I don't appreciate all of your postings and links. I will look into them!

Leadville has been in our family off and on over the years, with both sets of great-grandparents settling there. We used to camp on Shrine Pass in the summertime and I remember visiting my great-aunt and uncle in a darling little Victorian house in the early 1960's and being led into the kitchen as the parlour was not opened for family, only guests, plus it was cold, even in the summer, and the kitchen woodstove was lit, while the parlour's was not. That same great-aunt embroidered pillowcases for me when I was married the first time in 1969 and she muct've been in her mid-80's at least.

My mom, dad, brother, and sister lived at Camp Hale thereduring WWII, while Dad built the ski lift at Copper Mtn, for the troops to practice on before they shipped out to the Alps. Now, of course it is a huge ski resort.

The last time I was there we went to the Tabor Opera House. There was an old lady there, almost lost in its cavernous darkness. She was the tour guide and had written a book about, which she autographed. She also told me about my great-aunt, whom she had known. I know my kids and I were all impressed with the fact that they had live circuses on the stage, including wild tigers with nothing between the audience and them but a few feet of stage. She was a precious treasure trove. I wish I'd had a tape recorder that day and more time.

Have any of you heard the opera, "The Ballad of Baby Doe" about Baby Doe Tabor whom Horace dumped Augusta for, and whom died a penniless old lady at the Matchless Mine which she'd promised never to sell? It is a beautiful opera, in English, with some really wonderful songs. I have a recording made in the 1950's with Beverly Sills singing as Baby Doe.

I'll give Bill Sables a holler and see if he'll come in and tell us about his ancestor who was in Leadville.

I'll also see about linking some of the really old pix I have of it, from my grandmother's albums. I've a couple fo darling ones of her and her sisters, in the height of Victorian fashion only one of them is atop a picket fence, in her dress and hat with a young gentleman holding her hand while she smiles for the camera. Nothing stodgy! LOL

Thanks, very much,