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Posted By: Lin in Kansas
28-Jun-01 - 06:32 PM
Thread Name: Help: Wearing hats or caps ; Manners?
Subject: RE: Help: Wearing hats or caps ; Manners?

John In Remote Kansas (JIRK) on LIK's cookie

In the traditions of old-time farmers, a GIMME anything is something that is FREE, usually with some sort of advertising on it. Some years back, the traveling reps for farm machinery were one of the most common sources, and would leave things like hats, aprons, yardsticks, coffee mugs, and such with the local Feed and Seed or grocery store.
Hats were always one of the most popular items, because anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors under the sun MUST wear one.
The real cowboys spend a lot of time up on a horse, and can afford to get a nice hat. The guy that's chasing the back end of a mule (or riding a Massey Fergusen) while he tries to hold a plow blade in the dirt is going to go through several hats in a season, so he might just as well wear the GIMME.

As to taking the hat off in public - when you have been in the sun all day, every day, with a hat on, taking the hat off reveals a forehead - sometimes extensive - that has all the virgin pristine glow of a baby's bottom. It is a little like revealing any other part of your body that is normally clothed. I have known a number of good men who would avoid entering a place where they might feel obligated to remove their hat because IT IS AS EMBARRASSING to them as displaying a nose or navel ring - or any other PRIVATE part of their anatomy.

The backward ball cap is a convenience in some cases, since modern farming requires the occasional use of safety glasses, ear protectors, respirators (dust filters) and such, and getting them on and off is much easier without the projecting bill in front.
The more modern generation may do it this way just to be "cool," but then they're dumb enough to PAY EXTRA for stuff with someone's advertising on it.

As for those few of us who aren't in the fields all day and still choose to wear a hat (not a cap), in most public places like restaurants and bars there AINT NO PLACE TO PUT IT if you take it off, so for the most part I'll leave mine on, thank you.