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Posted By: GUEST,Joe
28-Jun-01 - 07:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Women who drowned her 5 children
Subject: RE: BS: Women who drowned her 5 children
hello McGrath how would it be punishment enough if she wanted to kill them to feel regret she would have to love them and I think she lost all feeling for them if she was able to drown them.That would be like any other murderer saying I feel real remorse for killing them isn't that punishment enough hmm NO KimC well about being in an altered state of mind I don't know She was able to call the police and say what she done if she was able to do this why didn't she realize it was wrong to do what she did. McGrath you said maybe it being like a dream or nightmare never in my worst nightmare have I ever seen me killing my children. But then again I can control the dreams that I remember. KimC about the Husband feeling the way he does I know no matter how I love my wife if she killed my children I could not support her it would take everything to even killing her with my bare hands