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Posted By: Bert
29-Jun-01 - 10:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: Make Me Laugh - My Back's Gone Out!!
Subject: RE: BS: Make Me Laugh - My Back's Gone Out!!
Awww! here's loads of sympathy for ya from another ol' fart who's bin there.

Yeah you get these pain pills that say take two every four hours, and they don't work, so you take four every two hours. They take an hour to kick in and give you some relief for half an hour, then the pain comes back during the next half hour so you take another double dose. Then you find that they don't work at all because your body has grown immune to their effect so you switch brands and start again.

Then all those pills make you constipated and you can't strain 'cos your back hurts. A bundle of fun ain't it.

Get yerself a chair, lie flat on your back on the floor and bend yer knees and rest your calves on the seat of the chair.

The good news is that it will get better and if you take very good care with your posture and supporting your back, it wont happen too often. After it's hit you a few times you'll get used to reading the warning signs so it will rarely recur.

Don't ever again bend over to pick anything up, always bend at the knees. Carry a small cushion to put in the small of your back when you sit down - especially when driving.

Lots of love and sympathy,