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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
30-Jun-01 - 04:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Make Me Laugh - My Back's Gone Out!!
Subject: RE: BS: Make Me Laugh - My Back's Gone Out!!
Three nuns die and get to heaven.

St Peter meets them and says, 'sorry ladies, you'll have to answer a question each correctly before I can let you in.'

He looks at the first nun and says 'who was the first woman?'

'Eve' is the reply. 'Correct, in you go', says Peter.

He turns to the second. 'Where did Eve live?'

'Ooohh, I know this one, erm.... garden of Eden?'

'Correct, in you go....' he turns to the third, a Mother Superior, 'What did Eve first say to Adam?'

Mother Superior looks worried... 'Oh boy, that's a hard one.....'

'Correct!' says Peter, 'In you go!'

(alright I stole it from the Vicar of Dibley, but what the heck, it's good to recycle and it's a bloody good joke. Well I thought it was....)