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Posted By: GeorgeH
03-Jul-01 - 08:42 AM
Thread Name: The 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga
Subject: RE: The 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga
For fuck's sake Guest, are YOU:

1) challenged in some way

2) calling me a liar? (fine, but do come up with some evidence if you want people to believe you)

3) on a retainer from Bulmer

4) grinding some other personal axe you prefer not to reveal?

As my summary made plain, the Nic Jones saga is only one of a whole number of "issues" against Bulmer. (On a quick scan it occupies only 5 lines of my first account.) For instance, his "blacking" by the MU has NOTHING to do with the Nic issue.

You alone are making this into a one issue campaign.

You concede there's a problem. Sadly your own inadequacies prevent you from seeing that some of the "frenzy" you claim to be afronted by was less than serious . . .

Also, if you knew anything at all about the UK folk revival you would know that in that context the collection Bulmer holds rights to does include National treasures.

Do you deny that Nic has lost income by Bulmer's refusal to release rights to his material? If not, how is the claim that Nic has suffered specious?

The only lack of morality around here is yours. Unfortunatly you clearly have lost the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Or, indeed, to engage in coherent argument. Indeed, the only serious vindictiveness in this thread is yours, directed against those who are speaking against Bulmer.

Your postings are, I am sorry to say, contemptable. Which I suppose is a good reason for cowering behind the "guest" label. I suspect a trawl of DejaNews (were it still there) would reveal your identity, as I can only recall one individual who has reached your level of paranoia on this issue.

And amongst the factual errors in what you write:

No one has asked Bulmer to put his money into releasing his "back catalogue".

"In search of Nic Jones" and "Unearthed" are NOT part of Nic's back catalogue; every (?) track on them is "previously unreleased".

There's no "ripping open of Nic's wounds" here; Ralphie's contacts with Nic and Julia have been openly acknowledged throughout. (Whereas you, with NO contact with Nic or his family, claim to know so much more than we do . . )

To any that are offended by my opening remark, I apologise. But this woman goes beyond the bounds of both reason and decent human behaviour.