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03-Jul-01 - 09:12 AM
Thread Name: The 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga
Subject: RE: The 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga
Look, I'm in complete agreement with the criticisms of Dave Bulmer/Celtic Music not releasing rights or the material.

What I am not in agreement with is the Jones defenders use of those facts to whip up hysteria, and the suggestion that someone should do bodily harm to Bulmer. Which serves no one, and is pretty borderline behavior on the Internet anyway.

Whether the artistic product the Leader, et al catalogues contain is "national treasure" is a matter of widely varied opinion, depending upon one's orientation to folk music specifically, and music in the public domain generally.

Not everyone agrees about what music is culturally valuable, much less a national treasure.

This thread is about the histrionics of a small group of people who don't like Bulmer.