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Posted By: SeanM
07-Jul-01 - 04:06 AM
Thread Name: Sign on the dotted line Kid!
Subject: RE: Sign on the dotted line Kid!
Don't feel too bad, Ralphie.

GUEST, your problem is that you are destroyed by your predecessors.

In a perfect world, every post would be evaluated on the basis of the content, not on who posted it.

This ain't a perfect world. Fact is, by not picking SOME identity to 'identify' yourself by (note - nationality etc. has NOTHING to do with this. You could be GUEST Kofi Annan for all anyone cares, AS LONG AS YOU POST CONSISTENTLY USING THAT NAME), you relegate yourself by default to the long list of chickenshit trollers who refuse to stand by their convictions, and instead have to snipe from behind a blank wall that can't be talked back to.

Now, this does not directly mean you are said chickenshit. You may well be - you could be yet another member or ex member who's decided that they need to acheive another orgasm by creating strife and pain. You also may well not be, and are just someone who is incredibly paranoid. The unfortunate fact is, without some form of unique identifier (and hey, if you're really paranoid about someone stereotyping you, why not use a random string of numbers or something?), many people(including me, unfortunately) will assume the worst about you.

Trust has been violated in the past anonymously. Such violation will likely never be fully forgiven or forgotten. If you're being unfairly targeted by this, my apologies, If you're one of the causes come back for whatever sick reasons you call entertainment, please rot in hell.