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Posted By: GUEST
07-Jul-01 - 07:38 AM
Thread Name: Sign on the dotted line Kid!
Subject: RE: Sign on the dotted line Kid!

I have consistently used an identity. It is GUEST.

Other people flaming me over using the identity of GUEST says nothing about me, but speaks volumes about them.

I believe I read somewhere in the Mudcat FAQ before I posted, about the perception of some members of a "Lord of the Flies" type atmosphere here at times.

Also found in the FAQ, was perhaps the "ideal" hoped for by other members (most notably the founders of the forum), Mudcat would have a friendly, creative anarchy atmosphere.

In my opinion, if members were mature and self-realized enough to function positively in a creative anarchy type atmosphere, you wouldn't see this "Lord of the Flies" one member referred to, coming from what seems to be a small group of alpha types so consistently.

This is the very reason why I don't wish to get into these identity/personality jihads. It takes us off topic, which isn't fair to the people who are contributing on topic to the thread, and creates a very negative and nasty atmosphere surrounding the conversation.

But the again, I am guilty of coming into a negative and nasty thread about a person, and pointing out that it was one. I am guilty of suggesting that there may be more to the man than meets the jaundiced eyes of his beholders, who have such bitterness towards said person, they consistently keep airing those feelings, over and over, in public discussion forums on the Internet.

I don't understand or appreciate the animosity towards people who choose to post anonymously as GUEST. The purpose of most forums with GUEST log-in options, is to allow for contributions from non-members. Members will want to create an identity for themselves because they hope to regularly be interacting with the same group of people. Members are seeking to establish relationships based upon familiarity.

The GUEST log-in is like having a conversation with a stranger. Nothing more sinister than that, in my view. GUESTS don't share the desire to establish relationships based upon familiarity, because they are just passing through.

Some member's responses to me, sadly, shows what kind of a forum this really is, and how welcoming of strangers the people here tend to be. Not very, in my brief experience on Mudcat. And that is for members, not GUESTS, to sort out among you.