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Posted By: Rick Fielding
07-Jul-01 - 01:00 PM
Thread Name: Sign on the dotted line Kid!
Subject: RE: Sign on the dotted line Kid!
Geez, I kind of like the "Lord of the Flies" analogy, (who knows, maybe it was ME who first suggested it!) if so, I'm the kid who refused to join "either group". You're certainly right that I started this thread after reading (several times) the "Bulmer/CelticMusic" thread. Bloody interesting and I certainly got to know the various participants, whether they used "stinky Froggybottom" or just "guest".

Now, being Canadian, I didn't recognize most of the posters even when anonymity DID start to crumble, but boy, the situation was a familiar one. Obviously the main guy in question (or a very close relative) came in several times to defend his position, and whether you agree or not, defended it articulately. The folks countering his/her arguements likewise explained their positions (and heated feelings) eloquently and VERY passionately.

It still comes back to (whether you're in Britain, Canada, The States or wherever) "does a musician deserve a "second chance" to make up for an earlier mistake, or a naieve "signing"? Being a musician and a certified "Bleeding Heart", my answer would be yes. If I owned a (folk) Music business, my answer would probably be the same....BUT my business would probably fail within the first year, simply because my priorities would include "wanting people to like me".

But I have much less to contribute in this "continuation thread" than you "guest" and the others who've posted 145 times in the first one! I'd rather hear your opinions on folks who've mistakenly "signed on the dotted line" than your defence of "how you posted", because one Mudcatter (albeit my friend Catspaw) complained.

Look, I'll be blunt about something. One of the things that attracted me to Mudcat in the first place, was articulate, cohesive, arguements and discussions by folks who had some knowledge of the English language. You qualify. I'd like to hear more of your thoughts.

Rick Fielding.