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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
12-Jul-01 - 01:54 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Heather Down the Moor (from June Tabor)
Subject: RE: Tabor - Heather Down the Moor
The question came up in  Lyr Req: June Tabor lyric  nearly a year ago, and Jeri gave a link to a transcription of the text Archie Fisher recorded, and which he learnt from Belle Stewart:  Queen Amangst the Heather

At the time, I suggested that this was probably the best bet for an approximation of the words June Tabor used, as she is also supposed to have recorded Belle Stewart's set of the song; however, I haven't heard June's recording in many years, and George and Les's comments suggest that either my information was wrong (I can no longer remember where I came by it), or that June collated more than one text; certainly she seems not to have used Belle's title for the song, and Belle had no chorus.  Either way, I'm afraid I can't help with this one!