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Posted By: SINSULL
13-Jul-01 - 10:15 PM
Thread Name: Dear Joe Offer et al
Subject: RE: Dear Joe Offer et al
Joe does not need my defense. His work on the Mudcat and generous offer of help anywhere anytime speaks for itself.

Lighthouse, I think you may be fairly new here. Joe was not objecting to prayer or praying for this baby. And "lack of humanity" is just not one of his faults, in fact that particular accusation is downright humorous.

He was simply reminding us of discussions that have arisen before concerning requests for support and prayer. If each of us placed a thread everytime we were in trouble, the Forum would be filled with such and this is a music forum. For example, in the past two months my father (88) underwent major surgery, a friend in her twenties lost her husband ON HER HONEYMOON, my greatnephew was born with pneumonia and has spent 10 days in an ICU, I delivered and tube fed a litter of kittens and 3 of 6 died, my brother divorced as did my niece, my son was released from probation and given the choice to leave a drug rehab...Shall I go on? Each of these events could have easily triggered a Help Me thread - that makes six for Mary. Instead, I PMd people I knew and asked for support. They in turn PMd others.
If my son had chosen to leave rehab, I might have put in a separate thread. Some events require an active support group or the knowledge of many of the people here. The Spaw Surgery threads are an example.

The other issue is that at times requests for prayer have turned into unpleasant discussions that come down to "my prayer is better than yours". I offered my support on the "baby" thread as did others. One person posted that he/she did not pray but would send blessings. In the past, a simple statement like that has led to some ugliness and that discussion also took up space on the Mudcat.

Max does not censor topics, discussions, etc. as a rule. Post any topic you choose and more than likely it will get a response or two or three. You have that right. Joe is asking that you think through the appropriateness and value of your post.

rankly, I am torn about posting to this thread. As I stated in the beginning Joe Offer does not need any defense.