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Posted By: Lighthouse 65
14-Jul-01 - 06:48 AM
Thread Name: Dear Joe Offer et al
Subject: RE: Dear Joe Offer et al
Sourdough - I am not new to Mudcat. Only my name is new - previously The Lighthouse but my cookie would not allow me to continue with that name for a reset hence the new name. I have been here for quite some time and have read many many many a post. I've seen many buttons pushed here between Catters and always stay out of it. This time I decided not to.

Here's a quote from Joe : I think we should save our sympathy for the people we know - they're the ones who can benefit most from it. Sympathy for strangers is sterile, safe, and empty. You can do it with cut-and-paste, if you like, but does it really mean anything? Wouldn't it be better to visit a sick friend and spend a good amount of time with him or her, not just a cursory courtesy visit? I'm not unfeeling. People who deal with me in person say I'm very sympathetic. However, I am opposed to the use of Mudcat for chain-letter healing and prayer threads for strangers. It cheapens things that should be thought of as serious situations, and I think that's deplorable. -Joe Offer-

Like I've posted before - what is the big deal about prayer/ Plenty of threads that come through can be deemed as offensive yet no one puts up a fight about anything, yet if you mention the word prayer it gets so many up in arms. What's "deplorable" is even having the discusiion that we are having now. others have posted that isn't the point - sorry but it is. A young baby boy is in serious health problems and all some around here are worried about are their own virgin eyes seeing the word "prayer" being mentioned. Where are they when the vulgar stuff appears? Why aren't they offended then? That's what I find puzzling and a bit troubling.

Mudcat has been used over and over and over for nonmusical purposes. I don't see any problem with someone asking for a little 'help" in the way of prayer for a little helpless boy who needs it. Why do you?