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Posted By: Bill D
14-Jul-01 - 12:47 PM
Thread Name: Dear Joe Offer et al
Subject: RE: Dear Joe Offer et al
Max has made HIS point...he does not intend to censor. (If things got totally out of hand, he might pull the plug on the whole thing and let the DigiTrad find a new home), but he tries to leave the inmates to get along inside the asylum.

You will find that people will ***NEVER*** quit some wierd combinations!.. 'X' dislikes "this", but agrees with "that"..'Y' will allow "that", but cant stand "this"...'Z' thinks "this" AND "that" are ok, but not if you use bad words.. 'A' won't censor his language, but will complain about "that", while indulging in "this".

Substitute prayer, healing, Irish politics, religion in general, non-folk music, inane banter, bad punctuation & spelling, gross jokes, vulgar language, 'cliqueish' behavior, anonymous posting, and having the wrong size body parts for "this" and "that"...and any number of names for A,X,Y & Z and you have ....well, you have a community.

There are people I enjoy talking to here that I might not be close friends with if we were next door neighbors, and there are people whom I respect very much that I don't agree with. And there are people who are generous, well-intenioned, open, friendly, talented....and who I sometimes want to pick them up by the collar and shake them!

The one that is left seldom posts..*grin*
(and all of the above probably wonder about ME a lot of the time!)

I dunno why I'm writing this...I just wish...ahhh, you can tell what I wish, I guess....I wish being human weren't so hard.....