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Posted By: Art Thieme
14-Jul-01 - 06:29 PM
Thread Name: Dear Joe Offer et al
Subject: RE: Dear Joe Offer et al
Joe is a fine fellow and is at the top o' my list. Joe, I do hope to meet you one of these days.

People, there's absolutely no need to agree on so very many fronts--religion being just one of those--probably the least of them all. It just does not matter---not in the long haul and the big picture. Friendships are rare enough as it is in this life. Those can be formed here at Mudcat as well as in person and loyalty engendered by those comaraderic feelings and emotions is a positive force from where I sit. JEEESH, be strong enough in your own beliefs to realize that the world need not be reformed in your image on every little nitpicking point. Recognize the uncertainty in spite of how certain you are on a given point. Agree to disagree and go on with your life. Nobody is causing you and yours harm by saying it's good to pray for a baby. Every time Carol tells me "the world is ending so be prepared" ---I thank her for the info, tell her I love her one more time, we kiss, and I politely say that I think even if she and her friends predict the end down to the last minute---the last second---with my last breath I'd be telling her it was nothing but luck. She and I would be smiling as we lay down for another good nights rest. It si simply so much less hurtful and strident if people just respect themselves and others and quit needing to march through each others neighborhoods proclaiming their righteousness and their right-ness-- as well as the other guys wrong-ness.

Art Thieme