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Posted By: Alice
23-Dec-98 - 12:08 PM
Thread Name: Macaronachas / Macaronic Songs. Language mixing
Subject: Lyr Add: MADERINE RUE
Peg and Robert Clancy have a version of 'Maderine Rue' that is mostly English, and it is printed in "The Irish Songbook, 75 Songs" Clancy/Makem.

The only recording of it that I have heard is Mary O'Hara's.

In the version I adapted to sing, it is different than the Clancy's in that I say 'two ears sticking up' (and if singing to kids, put fingers up by head like fox ears). In the Clancy's version, a more Irish use of 'peepin' instead of the more American 'sticking'.

Maidrin Ruadh
lyrics adapted by Alice Flynn

Maderine Rue, Rue, Rue Rue,
Maderine Rue, the red fox.
Maderine Rue, he's hiding in the rushes,
With his two ears sticking up.

Good morrow fox, Good morrow sir,
Pray what is that you're eatin'?
A fine fat goose I stole from you,
Oh, would you like to taste it?
No, indeed Oh, no indeed,
I would not swallow any,
But I vow and swear you'll dearly pay,
For that fine, fat goose you're eatin'.


Hark, hark, Finder, Lily and Piper,
Gather the hounds together.
Come now, Truman, you lazy old hound,
Bateman, you're a good dog.
Tally ho on the scent, tally ho on the scent,
Tally ho on the scent little puppies.
Tally ho on the scent of that little red fox,
With his two ears sticking up.


Bad luck to you, you bad little fox,
For that fine fat goose you were eatin'
The lovely rooster, the pretty little hens,
And the finest ducks in Ireland.