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Posted By: Joe Offer
15-Jul-01 - 12:34 AM
Thread Name: Dear Joe Offer et al
Subject: RE: Dear Joe Offer et al
You'll notice that I've tried to be very polite and logical in what I've said, and that I've expressed sympathy for the child involved. I've also stated that what I say is my personal position, not Mudcat policy. If the prayer thread in question were a solitary instance, I'd say nothing - but it's the third one this week that I've noticed (the other two came from Katlaughing, requesting support for her during the temporary loss of her sister's dog and with her well-detailed problems with her children). I am very upset that Mudcat has become mostly a bullshit forum, and that music information is now a very small portion of the discussion.

Nope, I don't think I was insensitive in posting my opinions in the prayer thread itself. You'll note that the prayer request was started by an acquaintance of the family involved, not anyone who is a direct part of the family's plight. I suppose I could have taken my comments into another thread, but I posted them in the thread where the issue existed because that's where it made most sense to put it. I expressed my thoughts logically and politely in a place where people would read it - that's what an open forum is for. If people want to protect themselves from differing opinions, then they should handle prayer and healing requests in the wonderful e-mail lists that WYSIWYG and Katlaughing maintain.

Well, at least that's my opinion. Even though my name is Joe Offer and people think that I am a figment of Max's programming, I do have my own opinions, and I think I have a right to express them.
-Joe Offer-