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Posted By: mousethief
15-Jul-01 - 01:57 AM
Thread Name: Dear Joe Offer et al
Subject: RE: Dear Joe Offer et al
Of course you have a right to have your say, we're not talking about rights here. At least I wasn't. Anytime somebody says "I don't think it was necessary to say that" people start making noises about "rights." I didn't say "you have no right to say that." That would be stupid. Why did you take it that way?

My point is just that you have made your point. You have posted a lot of words about this subject, but you're just going around in circles with the people you disagree with. It's become a "did not, did too, did not" sort of "debate" -- and yet you keep on. I was suggesting that maybe you could drop it.

As for Kat itching to violate some sacred truce, no, sorry, that doesn't play. You jumped in the "prayer" thread and started swinging the cutlass. She might have jumped in after you and started parrying, but yours was the first volley.

I will ask what has been asked before: there is a lot of off-topic nonsense that gets posted here. Why is it only the prayers for this boy that got your back up? Where were you when the prayers were for Spaw? I don't remember you shedding oceans of words to stop THOSE threads. You seem to have a very selective sense of what's good and what isn't good for Mudcat.

Awaiting your voluminous reply,
I remain,