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Posted By: Alice
24-Dec-98 - 03:19 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Way Out There (Bob Nolan)
Subject: RE: Way out there
O Nameless Person, I agree that nothing can compare to the Sons of the Pioneers.

Now, my Riders story. This is second hand, so it may be as much fiction as fact. A friend told me his friend was in a parking lot by a cafe (or bar? or drive-in?) playing a Rider's in the Sky tape (loudly) on his car stereo. A guy stormed out of the cafe (or bar? or drive-in?) and yelled, "What is this sh*t? Turn that off right now!" He started to argue with the angry guy, then realized it was one of the band (Too Slim?). Now this story can mosey off onto the cyber range, grow different horns and tails (tales?) and morph into many strange creatures of urban (rural?) legend.

alice in montana