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Posted By: Rasta
24-Dec-98 - 03:42 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Way Out There (Bob Nolan)
Subject: RE: Way out there
Thanks for the help-Alice in Montana-thanks for the story when I was 12 or 14 with a heavey dose of Kingston Trio diseasse I some how got on to Pete Seeger bout the time I started playing a long neck 5-string. (still playing) I went out and brought -Story song- a bakers dozen by Pete and thaats where I heard -way out there- about eight years later I by chance parked my VW next to Pete In Nyack N.Y. we walked a couple of blocks to an outside summer gig we were both doin- I asked 60000 question and he just looked straight ahead and answered a leasts 20000 of my question. He was quite nice and then we went about doin our shows he really has a handle on holding a crowd and even thought I have permanent Kingston Trio disease I learned a lot from Ol Pete----snow snow falling down ,covering up my dirty ol town-covers the sidewalks covers the tracks covers the footsteps of those who wont be back-covers the mail box ,covers the plough even barbed wire seems beautiful now k-snow snow falling down -twisting and turning round and round--------sounds like pete haaa have a groovy Christmass Rastaaaaaaaa