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Posted By: Bill D
24-Dec-98 - 05:10 PM
Thread Name: Whatever happened to..?????
Subject: RE: Whatever happened to..?????
there was a girl named 'Ellen' who left Chicago about 1962 the head for New Mexico, I believe...she stopped in Wichita, Kansas for awhile and taught us a number of songs, including a very sad old gospel song called "Bring My Savior to me".....I've always wondered...

also in Kansas in the '60s was Roland Appleton..had one bad eye and played frailed banjo and raised Siberian huskies...he knew half of more songs than anyone I ever heard...

smae place. same general era...Gene hair, round faced..played 12-string and blues...

none of the folks seem to have become well known, but the power of the WWW being what it is....*shrug*