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Posted By: InOBU
17-Jul-01 - 12:17 PM
Thread Name: Sorcha Dorcha FREE SPEACH GIG!!!
Subject: Sorcha Dorcha FREE SPEACH GIG!!!
Sorcha Dorcha will be a featured thingee at the following event, copied from a notice by Jim Crevo, the organizer of the event...
(so the we is WBIX (WBAI in Exile) Friends thereof etc...)
We have an outreach event coming up and another Radio in Exile Special on Long Island.
We will be at the EarthSave Tent from 11 AM to 11PM on July 21, Saturday and from 11AM to 10 PM on July 22, Sunday. We need people to staff our table and let everyone know about the need for WBIX and bringing democratic processes to Pacifica.. There will be 40.000 people there.
Please contact Kevin at 516-541-1006 extension 55 to reserve time to help.
Plus, it is going to be a great fair with free vegan food and entertainment.
Errol and Rhme, the WBAI censored and a Radio in Exile Special will be produced there too. [That is where Sorcha Dorcha fits in folks! - Larry -] Jim
SO All you mudcaters who believe in FREE SPEACH RADIO, jump in cars, trains, planes, boats, and BE THERE FOR FREEDOM!!!!! -