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Posted By: Art Thieme
25-Dec-98 - 02:30 PM
Thread Name: Whatever happened to..?????
Subject: RE: Whatever happened to..?????
Doc Stanley who was in Chicago in the early 60's. Did a dynamite fingerpicked version of "Deep Elem Blues" on his old regularly fretted and low strung Dobro? Doc, last I heard you were incarcerated...

Fred Geis--last heard that you were rooming with Richard Harding, the 60s % 70's owner of Poor Richard's in Chicago. Fred was originally from Sacramento. Wrote "Goin' Home" (made a hit by Kinston Trio--was #1 for a week before it was noticed that the tune was taken from an aria in Gounod's FAUST. Also wrote "Lament For Brendan Behan" that was recorded by the Clancy's & Tommy Makem---and many others.

Fred Neil---in Florida---great voice.

Ron Buffington--in Chicago in the mid & early 60's. Was first guitar player for Bonny Koloc there.

Tom Meisenheimer---played banjo in Chicago in 60s.

Roger Luzwick---artist (painter) and guitar picker in Chicago in early 60s.

Mark Dorinson---At the University of Chicago in the early 60s---picked grand guitar.

Mike Slosson---in Chicago with Roger & Tom. Hung at the Erectheon coffeehouse on Sedgwick St. in Old Town.

Lorraine Blue---owner of MOOTHER BLUES--an early folk club where George Carlin & Bill Cosby opened for folksingers in the mid 60s.

Sarah Stewart a waitress at the No Exit (Chicago) in the 60s---from Spooner, Wisconsin originally. We shared the same Birthday...

...and so many waitresses ALL OVER---Where are ya now? Especially that great gal who was a waitress at THE FICKLE PICKLE COFFEEHOUSE in Chi. on Rush Street who said, one sad day, "Boy, would I like to ball a Beatle!" I knew, then, that particular incarnation of the folk scene was OVER. After that, it seemed the drummers got all the dates. The drummers even infiltrated the Grand Ole Opry after that!

Art Thieme