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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
18-Jul-01 - 05:47 AM
Thread Name: Daughter going to England
Subject: RE: Daughter going to England
She'd be mighty welcome in Manchester, Naemanson. 1 short train ride away and, apparantly, the 'clubbing' capital of the North. I have 2 teenage daughters myself and I know how you feel so please feel free get in touch with anyone who knows me - Mostly listed by Bill and inclded in the above thread.

My daughters, at 16, are a bit young for the club scene but boy do they know how to shop! If she wants to spend serious money I'm sure they would help her choose the right places;-) My 20 year old son is at University himself but if he was home (Most weekends) I am sure him and his friends and girlfriends would be happy to show her the nightlife.

Remember that anyone over 18 (or even looking vauguely over 18 in some pubs!) can buy alcohol in England. Probably worth mentioning in case that kind of thing is of concern to you.

I am close enough to Lancaster to be there within the hour if she has any problems. I think Clansfolk might be nearer still.

PM me if you want any more details.


Dave the Gnome