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18-Jul-01 - 08:12 PM
Thread Name: copyrights
Subject: RE: copyrights
Do not use the database as a source of copyright information. Works have been included on this database without permission and without credit.

So, although many non-copyright works have been justifiably included - copyright works are being included without consent - and worse without accurate back up information on modern songs, which could have worldwide repercussions.

Nor should you trust record credits - although many times the correct inforamtion is given often there are mistakes made - or parties deliberatley try and sneak through a regsitration on a work by sticking down trad arr. even if it is a modern song.

Generally you should consult a balance of sources and check with organsiations such as PRS/MCPS who you can phone or write to for information (as long as the title isn't too common).

Incidentaly my late father in Scotland once got sent an Irish country record to review for a paper. The title track seemed familiar - but it was down to a completely different author. Turned out it was my father's own song, which the record company mixed up with another of a simlilar title. If he hadn't got sent a copy for review he wouldn't have known. Never trust a single record credit or source.