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Posted By: Big Mick
19-Jul-01 - 11:15 AM
Thread Name: Dear Joe Offer et al
Subject: RE: Dear Joe Offer et al
Look, folks, let's clear up some things. Joe is not an authority figure. Joe does not lead us. No one I know wants him to do either. What Joe is is an incredibly dedicated volunteer who has more time to devote to this place than the rest of us. He has gained both perceptual and real status based on his devotion to this place. The real status is easy to define. He has the magic key, as do several others, and can straighten out problems, delete redundant posts, etc.. The key also gives him the ability to modify or delete posts. It is not the real status that concerns me.

Joe's perceptual status is that he is the "authority figure" here. Even though that is not true, it is still perceived that way. Because of that, when he posts something in a FAQ it is given the status of "rules". No matter the disclaimer, it is still perceived to be "the rules". But Joe indicates that it is his opinion, not a rule. Opinions are open for debate, but Joe tells us that we cannot comment on his "opinion", hence it is a rule. Not gonna fly, Joe. You can't have it both ways. And as I have indicated, you even use my name in your opinion. You interpret what you think I meant, and use that as the predicate upon which you build your rules. You got some of what I meant right, but other things weren't right.

Joe, you need to remove the post. You need to then re-write it without mention to anyone else and with just the suggestions for starting threads and content of threads. It is not proper, IMHO, for you to say to allcomers "This is my opinion, and you will accept it without comment". That is unless that is what this place has become. I don't think that it has, but it will take Max to tell me that. I accept completely your enhanced role as a volunteer with broad discretion to do things that help this place stay alive. I appreciate it and applaud you for the type of man you are. And in addition, I value you you as a friend. But when you are posting an opinion, do so in discussion threads. When it is a suggested guideline, label it as such and don't drag other names into it and make it controversial. And if it is a rule, tell Max to post and let us know it is so, or at least tell us that Max said it is so.