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Posted By: Gareth
19-Jul-01 - 04:02 PM
Thread Name: Songs about lifeboat disaster, 1886?
Subject: RE: Songs about lifeboat disaster, 1886?
Statistical fact.

Some years ago I was working at Lloyd's. Looking through old records the going rate for a well found (A1)sailing ship in the early 19th centuary was about Four pounds per cent per round trip to the West Indies. Various warranties and additional premiums regarding the Hurricane Season.

Work out that timewise before you had a total loss - its about 15 years.

The working life of a sailor was about 35 years (very rough statistics).

On this basis the average career of a sailor would see two total losses through perils of the sea and fire, in his career.

It puts the work of the RNLI in context, as the majority of casualties were inshore. When youv'e no searoom left any leeshore is a widow maker. And if the only power was oars !