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Posted By: Susan
28-Dec-98 - 06:56 PM
Thread Name: Seachran Charn tSiail
Subject: RE: Seachran Charn tSiail

You and the others have been so helpfull! I thank you for taking the time to put the music into midi files.

First is first...I know almost nothing about music! And the teacher in my thread above is not my teacher but "a friend of a friend" so I am taking into account everyone's opinion. That is why I came here to get someone's expert opinion on Irish music.

If you don't mind my rambleing I will tell you why I am asking you all of these questions. I'm afraid this might not make mush sense unless you are an ice dance fan :o)

In international ice dance there is chosen a rythem every year for the Origional Dance and this year's rythem is the Waltz. The Canadian ice dance team of Shae Lynn Bourne & Victor Kraatz are using the song "Seachran Charn tSiail" by Clannad for their waltz and there is a ruhmor that they may have to change it because it does not fit the rules (the rules are basically that it has to be in 3/4 time with a strong emphasis on the waltz tempo [quick/quick/slow]) which Bourne & Kraatz do have but it seems like they might have to change their music if the song is not in 3/4 time.

I looks like a waltz when they skate to sounds like a waltz to me...then wouldn't that mean that it is a waltz? But I wanted to know what people who actually know something about music thought it was and if anyone knew for sure if it was in 3/4 time or not.

I have looked at the top of the page but I can not see where you can send a personal message (I'm really beginning to look like a complete idiot aren't I!)

Thank you again for all of you patience!