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Posted By: Abby Sale
21-Jul-01 - 09:45 AM
Thread Name: Songbook of Child Ballads?
Subject: RE: Songbook of Child Ballads?
Joe, I've had the Concordance link for some time. It's notes read that it probably shouldn't be d/l'ed yet as it has some errors. But as to viewer/printer, that's Postscript; unfortunately you have to have a Postscript printer. They're thinking of moving it to the more readily available Adome Acrobat. The data base you noted seems good but is a commercial one - you have to pay first or join their system.

I'd also reiterate my recommendation of the Sargent / Kittredge edition (1904/1932). It has Child A, plus B and or C (sometimes) plus Kittredge's fine intro, all Child's notes and a full glossary. (That glossary plus MacColl's (Goldstein's?) in the Riverside E&SPB was How I Learned to Speak Ballad Scots.) Inexplicably, it leaves out five ballads. Not because they're unusually sexy...don't see any reason. The book is readily available through the usual auction/used book places online & off at $10 to $25. I've used it nearly daily since I bought one new in 1959.

For sheet music ad/or tunes, as requested, there are several sources:

Digitrad, as obvious.

Lesley Nelson's Contemplator Folk Music Page (inc. Barry Taylor archive) click to the Child pages.

Printed versions include many partial collections - Niles as above;

Alexander Keith's "Last Leaves of Traditional Ballads and Ballad Airs" (1925) (All the Child ballads collected by Greig, which is the majority, I believe.) This is a fine & lovingly assembled collection from soon after Greig's death and done as a memorial to the great scholar. Like Greig, the book remained in obscurity & is extremely rare - but is superb & copyable at 316 pages.

The obscurity ends with the publication of my pride & joy (as owner, not contributor), "The Greig-Duncan folk song collection" / edited by Patrick Shuldham-Shaw and Emily B. Lyle, et al. It includes all of "Last Leaves" plus the full Duncan collection & is available new for a mere pittance (if your name is Bill Gates) thru Camsco. The final volume is rumored to be available in September.