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Posted By: Jeri
23-Jul-01 - 11:45 AM
Thread Name: HTML Stuff II
Subject: RE: HTML Stuff II
OK Mark - I just felt guilty about jumping on one point and completely ignoring the fact you were providing some interesting and useful information.

I just looked it up in my "HTML for Dummies" book. (This is an older one and I don't know if the HTML standards have changed, but it gives the link to another document in the same directory as <"file.html">file</a>
A file in a subdirectory would be <"subdirectory/file.html">file</a>

I believe the slash is automatically read at the end of the directory you're adding onto, if that makes sense.

I try to use the double quotation marks because I've been told it's the standard. I have yet to find a link that doesn't work because someone's left them out, but I guess it could happen. I wonder if certain characters might mess things up if used in a link without the quotes.

Jeri, picking nits.