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Posted By: radriano
23-Jul-01 - 01:50 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Braider's Song
Subject: Lyr Add: BRAIDER'S SONG (Pete Addison)
There are a lot of missing words and phrases in my transcription of this sea song written by Pete Addison of Grimsby. It's about fishermens wives making fishing nets. John Conolly & Pete Sumner recorded it on their Trawlertown album. I meant to ask them about the lyrics when they were in California earlier this year but forgot to.

Braider's Song
By Pete Addison
John Conolly & Pete Sumner, Trawlertown, The Singing of the Fishing

Now it's up in the morn to the braidin' I'll go
To the cold salt and tannen down old Fishstock Road
Where the work it is hard and the pay's not so hot
It's thirty-nine shillings is all that you've got

With your needles a-clicking, a-swaying and rockin'
Braid away Dolly, as firmly your lockin'
Braid away Dolly and sing us this song
As the miles of manilla are twined into one

Now you've got to be fast and your stitches all tight
'Cause Laura she's watchin' to make sure it's right
There's Joe Littles and Shooters and Bellytops too
And Wings that are creasin' way out of view

Now it's fill up your needles and make 'em a double
It's cardends we're stitchin' and they're naught but trouble
Fill up your needles, it's six pence a bowl
And Elsie's a-callin', she's fastest of all

[Well we've stitched to a net and we've braided _____]
And it's ready for trawlin' beyond the [spurn?] light
It's out on the [ ] and the cruel North Sea
A-catchin' the fish that you bring home to me