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Posted By: JohnInKansas
24-Jul-01 - 01:44 AM
Thread Name: Songbook of Child Ballads?
Subject: RE: Songbook of Child Ballads?
Re: Abby Sale 21-Jul-01 - 09:45 AM above:

I don't know anything about the site being discussed, but note that if you can get a good postscript file, the "Adobe Acrobat Distiller" will usually convert it into the .pdf Acrobat file.

This is, unfortunately, a rather high $$ piece of software ($249 today to US users at, and I'm certainly not suggesting that anyone run out and buy it. If you have it, or know someone who does, it would be worth trying for a few songs. Since most, but not all PostScript files convert, it would be advisable to have someone try it out on the files you're interested in before you even consider a buy.
If the tunes you are interested in can be converted this way, the free download "Acrobat Reader" can be used to look at the .pdf, print to almost any printer, etc.

Not to get anyone's hopes up, but if you have - or can get to - a fairly recent printer, especially of the laser variety, quite a few of them can print PostScript. I have run into a few people who had !PS capable printers and didn't know it. A couple of years ago, at a large multinational company, it took me over a year to convince my Network Administrator that there was a perfectly good !PS capable printer sitting 15 feet from my desk, and that all he needed to do was load the PostScript driver for me - or give me Admin priviledges so I could do it. Worked fine - once we got through the BS! to the !PS.

File this as incidental info.