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Posted By: Mark Clark
24-Jul-01 - 02:51 PM
Thread Name: Revisionist opinion on the Kingston Trio
Subject: RE: Revisionist opinion on the Kingston Trio
That shows how long it's been since I thought about the KT, I (mis)remembered Shane's name as Nick. But you're right, Rick, they weren't bad musically.

I'm told that Dave Guard used to fly friends to Pittsburg just so they could hear Banjo Billy Bryant playing with Mac Martin and the Dixie Travelers.

In spite of their commercialism, they understood roots music, as did PP&M. My kid brother was managing a coffee house in Des Moines c. 1963 when PP&M played a big concert there. After they concert they showed up at the coffee house and they all sat around playing bluegrass all night. It turned out they preferred roots music when they wern't being PP&M.

      - Mark