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Posted By: Rick Fielding
24-Jul-01 - 09:39 PM
Thread Name: Revisionist opinion on the Kingston Trio
Subject: RE: Revisionist opinion on the Kingston Trio
Joe it's Florence Foster Jenkins I'll never forgive you for singing like!

peter...I think the BIG run on Martins started in the early sixties, and probably WAS the result of the Trio's poularity. They Did deplete a lot of their good old wood, but from reading the various Martin histories, it would seem that some questionable business decisions hurt their quality as well. Funny thing though is that a lot of those Martins from the "bad" period are startin' to sound awfully good today. I see a lot of them pass through the 12th Fret. One thing IS certain though. The seventies guitars ALL seem to need neck resets badly. Is THAT connected with the folk guitar boom? They made a HELL of a lot of instruments quickly.

Doug, thread creep all you want. I can't help it even when I really try!