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Thread Name: Song Challenge! Index thru Nov 1, 2004
Subject: SONG CHALLENGE! Index thru 10/06/04


Aine keeps a Song Challenges of the Past page and a

Song Challenge Winners Page, but I 'm submitting this index page as an easy way to not only see a brief description of the challenges to date, but also an easy way to link to them and read the entire contents. Go to it you would-be "Winners of the Imperial Order of All-In-One Genius with Platinum Tufts" award winners!

- Al

1 Naked guy on a pipe
2 Caitrin's cookies
3 "Bugged" Honeybees
4 German masked wedding
5 Munchkins/Storks/Glinda
6 Web auction of cattle
7 Shapes from Lucky Charms cereal
8 He who brings a story takes two away
9 Songs about food
10 Ferret keeper in jail
11 Throwing panties from floats
12 The Norwegian moose and his road rage
13 Free outfit for nude shoppers
14 Air Traffic Controller Steals beer
15 Eating Corned Beef during lent
16 Dull men of the world unite
17 Strip tease barber shop (Le Salon Sex Symbol)
18 Beezelbub bytes
19 I want my Twinkie and I want it now!
20 The woods would be silent indeed if only the best birds sang".
21 Excuse Sound Effect phone booth
22 Mike the Headless chicken
23 First crushes and the opposite sex moving from pain in the *rse to "Why has God blessed me with a sex drive and acne at the same time!??"
24 Brawling Easter bunnies
25 Garden Gnome Liberation Front
26 Elderly car-jacker / Elderly "Citizens On Patrol" in squad car
27 Wild Turkey distillery burns
28 Hydrogen beer mishap
29 Stowaway raccoon
30 World (kudu) Dung Spitting Competition
31 Porta-Potty rescue
32 Topless Mermaid
33 Funeral Urn under a bush
34 Prisoner wins M&M Prize
35 Taxidermy Fox inflated
36 Chains of Love show
37 Selma Norwegian sea monster
38 Death of Shorty Sharp - Elephant Groomer
39 Free condoms with Coffee in Rome coffeeshop
40 Sam Feldman - Cookie Crusher
41 Blind lapdancing appreciation
42 Chicken Duck troops battle Locusts in China
Wild Sanglochon (pigs) plague France
Attack monkeys in France
Monkeys attack cars in Virginia
43 Coffin furniture
44 Pet pig on airplane
45 Bullet in car fuse
46 Sri Lanka man jumps naked into lions den
47 Sexist Snowman
48 Drunk conventioneers end up in Moscow
49 Cow falls on Japanese boat
50 Gold toilet in Hong Kong
51 Sheep shoots sleeping shepherd
52 What Aine found digging in her garden
53 Horny Monkeys attacking females in Sri Lanka
54 The Case of the Cheerio Highwayman
55 He's a long, tall surgeon
56 Polly want a divorce?
57 Let's have another cup of cat cra.. uh, coffee
58 Don't ya crawl too slow, move along l'il suckahs
59 Chicken of the living dead?
60 Don't you think they'd get a stiff neck?
61 Aluminum foil foils security
62 Celebrity Pig beats Foot-And-Mouth Rap
63 Pratie Cannons and Cement Mixer Space ships
64 Dentures Down the Drain
65. 'They're Giving It Up At The Hotel California'
66. The Day That Saji's Sari Slipped and Baji's Bobbin Got Buffed
67. Is That A Baby Budgie In Your Pants,
68. The Man Who Wanted To Be King . . .
69. Double Dipper -When This Pig Gets Pumped and The Police Get Pissed . . .
70.Shoot For The Moon - If
71. Thay That Again, You Thwollen Thongue Thevil
72.They Sure Know How To Pitch A Party
73. What A Fella Will Do For A Good Irish Stew!
74. Kiwis Put The Kebash On Santa's Ho
75. Gobbler's Gone For Good:
76. The Elves Are Armed
77. No Room On The Xerox For Virgin Berths
CHALLENGE! SPECIAL - Gift for JoeOffer and bride
78. Rita Got Returned To Wal-Mart
79. Naughty Naturalists Nabbed in Night-Vision Nasty
81. Holy Underwear!
82. Pensioners May Be Punters, But They're Not Prudes!
83. crocodile in the pool
84. Pony In Panties Ain't No Poser!
85. 'I See Your Future Growing Bigger'
86. Maybe We Otter've Brought Some Brews, Eh?
87. May Be Small, But He Ain't No Two-Bit Hamster!
88. Double Dipper - When A Bird Brain . . .and . . . Meets A Bird Woman
89. Punter Shop Pilferer Put In Pokey By Poo
90. How Big Is That Emu In My Window?
91. The Day That Daddy Took My N-n-n-n-nimbus Away
92. Suburban Blues
93. spray painted her sheep
94. You Can't Touch That . . . Chicken!?!
95. How To Drop Fifty Pounds At A Time With Sweet, Sweet, Style
96. Naughty Gnomes Barred in Barnesley!
97. Gettin' A Hitch In Your Gettyup!
98. Pignappers Purloin Porkers