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Posted By: ard mhacha
28-Jul-01 - 07:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: is mudcat becaming regionalised
Subject: RE: BS: is mudcat becaming regionalised
Of course music is universal and is enjoyed by all,but. Selby has a point. Catspaw asks him to be specific, well someone from the US in a recent thread was jumping with joy at receiving a $300 tax return. The long line of replys were all from the US. In another thread the Oracle of Mudcat McGrath from Harlow asked to be enlightened about a thread concerning the appointment of a black Judge to the Supreme Court, in that case he was certainly right as the thread began in such a way as to have the European Mudcatters confused. So Selby I am about the only one in this thread that believes you have a point. I usually lash on to the music threads but this thread struck a chord. [non musical]. I must finish by praising this site, unsurpassed for its contributors knowledge of folk music. Slan Ard Mhacha.