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Posted By: catspaw49
28-Jul-01 - 02:00 PM
Thread Name: Captain Morse Keeps 'Heady' Company
Subject: RE: Captain Morse Keeps 'Heady' Company
You know you've been around the joint a long time when you know what a thread is about and who probably started it simply by the words and style of the title. This one had 2 possibilities.........1) Sinsull announcing some performance of Kendall's ("Captain"=Sinsullese); or 2) Rick Fielding announcing something about Kendall getting together with Hedy West (Rick loves the play on words stuff like Heady/Hedy).

In any case, I am glad the ol' Fart is getting some airplay on a show like Mike's which is really a fine show. I try to tune in whenever I can as Mike really puts together not only a fine playlist but passes on some great stories and info. Glad to see the noon thing too. I've missed his show for several weeks now, but as summer runs into fall and the kids get back on school schedule, I get back on MY schedule too.

Good job there Cap'n and be sure to check in when you're out of jail. It seems Kendall had a belaying pin hanging from his belt and was scaring women who thought he was exposing himself and things went downhill from there.