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Posted By: Little Hawk
28-Jul-01 - 03:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: is mudcat becaming regionalised
Subject: RE: BS: is mudcat becaming regionalised
This thread has drawn attention to a real potential threat to Mudcat...the Orillia Clique! Now, as a long time member of this would-be Orillia Clique, I will say this...

We have TRIED to divide the Mudcat into regional groupings, we have ATTEMPTED to shut down threads, yes, we have even attempted TOTAL DOMINATION of this forum!

And you know what? It's been an utter failure.

Inner dissension in the clique itself has caused untold damage to our plans. Flattop's ramblings have imperilled our viability, to say nothing of our CREDibility. Some guy called catspaw49 keeps screwing things up by intruding on our discussions. He's not from Orillia, but no doubt wishes he was. It is his envy that makes him harass us (poor guy lives in the Midwest...some godforsaken piece of real estate called Ohio, if I remember correctly).

Others have chosen to totally ignore us. I am going to return the favour by not naming a single one of them here. May they suffer in wretched anonymity...

I am at this point deeply pessimistic about our chances of ever taking over this forum, but that doesn't mean you should not all remain vigilant.

We're out there, eh?

- LH