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Posted By: Sierra Willy
02-Jan-99 - 11:00 AM
Thread Name: Lap Dulcimer players
Subject: RE: Lap Dulcimer players
I have been playing the mountain or lap dulcimer inconsistently for the past couple decades. I've had several built for me and incurred the rath of the gods of appalachia for allowing an earnest classical instrument builder to create one unplayable yet gorgeous piece of furniture. My most recent (11 years) is a beautifully playable model by Berg Musical Instruments (of Iowa I think). It is walnut, cherry, maple, rosewood, and sitka spruce. This one has two exceptional features which I have never seen before or since: a scalloped fret board which has depressions between frets to allow for a cleaner fretted sound and a grand range of vibrato, it also has a resonator back to allow the sound to reverberate and project more than instruments muted by having the motion of their backs dampened by being on the lap. I suggest something inexpensive for a beginner. Best case scenario would be to attend a folk festival, rendezvous, music festival etc. where you could meet players, see models, visit vendors, try a few and see what you like. Pick up a tape and a book, good luck, have fun. Happy new year! If anyone wants the last known Berg Instruments address contact me at: